Monday, 15 June 2015

Know Your Polling Station - India Elections 2014

Chief Election Officers in every state and all union territories are providing the following facilities to the electorate of India through direct SMS on the mobile numbers of the voters:
  1. To know your polling station by sending SMS to designated numbers in each parliamentary constituency. For example as per Chandigarh Election Helpline one has to send the message typed as BTH Voter Card Number e.g. BTH XYZ0000000 to Mobile No.9216164606 in case of Chandigarh.
  2. To Know the Candidates contesting elections one has to send CAN to designated mobile numbers.
The voters can check the number of persons in the queue on the poll day, schedule of elections, Updates on Elections 2014.

Such facilities being launched through leading dailies are good for the voters and public to the extent that they will not have to here and there to knowing their polling booth along with planning their   

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